Updated For 7.3.5 Legion

How To Use This Site

It’s easy to use this site!

  1. Click on your class on the left sidebar
  2. A list of the most popular talent builds, gear, enchants and gems for your class is shown.
  3. Click on one of the headings to see more information on a section you are interested in.

You can customize your search to show only a specific spec by clicking on the spec on the left of the page. You can also customize to your playstyle; see below.


As well as scanning talents from the armory, the system also checks the character’s gear and chooses an appropriate playstyle.

  • “Raid” indicates most gear has come from raiding dungeons.
  • “PvP” indicates most gear has been attained from PvP.

Seeing More Information

Some categories (like gear, gems and enchants) have an additional filter for either a gear slot, or a quality. Click on those extra links that appear to filter your search further, like to find the popular Rare gems for your Fire Mage.

Talent Builds

To see the specific talents for a build, click on Talents at the top of the page. A list of popular talent builds for your chosen class and spec are displayed. Click on the link at the right of the row to see the spec at WoWHead.

The talents selected for each build are shown as a color icon. When you hover your mouse over the talent, you will see the name and more information. Talents available but not selected are greyed out.

The graph at the top of the talents page shows a summary of how many people selected which talent.

Gear, Enchants and Gems

Similarly, click on either the Gear, Enchants or Gems links at the top of the page to show the most popular gear for each slot, enchants for each slot, and gems. All lists change according to playstyle and spec.

Finally, the reforges link shows the most popular spec changes made by reforging.