Updated For 7.3.5 Legion

About Us

WoWPopular tracks the most popular Talent Builds, Gear, Enchants and Gems used by players in World of Warcraft.

This site started in October 2008 as TalentChic with the release of the Lich King talent builds in patch 3.0. With the large revamping of talent builds, I wanted to know the most popular talent builds for the Warcraft classes I play. Rather than search the Internet for information on these classes, I decided to create a site that found the most popular talent points from the best characters on the Warcraft Armory and rank them according to popularity. TalentChic was born!

As we needed to scan the items from all toons (to determine a playstyle), we expanded the list to include gear, and moved the site to WoWPopular.com.

In 2013, we purchased Guildox.com - which ranks raiding guilds and other stats. WowPopular and Guildox now share the same scanning engine.

The 'most popular' items are not necessarily the best gear for your specific character. However, these lists should give you a good guide to what to aim for on your main, as well as the appropriate talent and gear choices if you have lots of alts (without hours of theorycrafting).

I hope you get as much use from this data as I do!

David Peterson