Updated For 6.2.3 Warlords of Draenor
Class Spec Popularity Talents Link
Hunter Survival 6 star
Hunter Beast Mastery 2 star
Hunter Beast Mastery 2 star
Hunter Survival 2 star
Hunter Marksmanship 1 star
Hunter Beast Mastery 1 star
Popularity Type Glyph
5 star Major Glyph of Explosive Trap
5 star Major Glyph of Animal Bond
3 star Major Glyph of Camouflage
6 star Minor Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah
3 star Minor Glyph of Revive Pet
2 star Minor Glyph of Tame Beast
Slot Popularity Enchant
Back 6 star Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike
+180 Critical Strike
Boots 3 star Enchant Boots - Blurred Speed
+140 Agility & Minor Speed Increase
Chest 2 star Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats
+80 All Stats
Legs 2 star Shadowleather Leg Armor
+285 Agility and +165 Critical Strike
Shoulder 2 star Greater Tiger Claw Inscription
+200 Agility and +100 Critical Strike
Bracer 2 star Enchant Bracer - Greater Agility
+180 Agility
Hands 1 star Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery
+170 Mastery
Main Hand 1 star Living Steel Weapon Chain
Living Steel Weapon Chain
Color Popularity Gem Quality
Prismatic 6 star Greater Mastery Taladite
+50 Mastery
Prismatic 5 star Greater Critical Strike Taladite
+50 Critical Strike
Prismatic 4 star Critical Strike Taladite
+35 Critical Strike
Prismatic 3 star Multistrike Taladite
+35 Multistrike
Prismatic 3 star Greater Multistrike Taladite
+50 Multistrike
Prismatic 3 star Greater Versatility Taladite
+50 Versatility