Updated For 7.3.5 Legion

All data is current for Legion. Newly added: Popular Relics for your artifact weapon.

Data Last Updated: 23 Apr 2018

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Shoulder6 star Timeless Stratagem910
Shoulder4 star Shoulderplates of the Obsidian Aspect880
Shoulder4 star Titanic Onslaught Pauldrons905
Shoulder4 star Praetorium Guard's Pauldrons of the Feverflare880
Shoulder4 star Skoldiir Shoulderguards820
Shoulder4 star Juggernaut Pauldrons945
Shoulder3 star Shoulderplates of Crackling Flame905
Shoulder3 star Coralplate Pauldrons825
Shoulder3 star Nightsfall Shoulderplates845
Shoulder2 star Arcane Defender's Pauldrons840
Shoulder2 star Storm-Tempered Shoulderguard of the Aurora850
Shoulder2 star Mortar Guard Shoulderplates845
Shoulder2 star Pauldrons of the Engulfing Tide880
Shoulder2 star Pauldrons of the All-Father820
Shoulder2 star Ley-Scarred Pauldrons830
Shoulder2 star Spaulders of Vile Determination930
Shoulder2 star Greystone Pauldrons830
Shoulder2 star Demonsteel Pauldrons of the Peerless850
Shoulder2 star Midnight Herald's Pauldrons850
Shoulder2 star Pauldrons of Ancient Command840
Shoulder2 star Tremorguard Pauldrons820
Shoulder2 star Wardbreaker Pauldrons840
Shoulder1 star Shoulderguard of the Eclipse875
Shoulder1 star Portalguard Shoulders840
Shoulder1 star Pauldrons of Shifting Runes850
Shoulder1 star Pauldrons of the Eternal Offensive935
Shoulder1 star Mantle of the Resolute Champion845
Shoulder1 star Shoulderguards of Indomitable Purpose930
Shoulder1 star Shoulderplates of Oversized Sorcery860
Shoulder1 star Thunderpeak Shoulderguards793
Shoulder1 star Xorothian Pauldrons880
Shoulder1 star Frozen Pendulum Shoulderguards850
Shoulder1 star Wracksoul Pauldrons840
Shoulder1 star Battlelord's Pauldrons850
Shoulder1 star Rockbound Pauldrons835
Shoulder1 star Grave-Dredged Pauldrons900
Shoulder1 star Moonshatter Pauldrons855
Shoulder1 star Mantle of Conflicted Loyalties855
Shoulder1 star Ferocious Gladiator's Plate Shoulders of the Quickblade880
Shoulder1 star Ferocious Gladiator's Plate Shoulders of the Harmonious900