Updated For 7.1.5 Legion

All data is current for Legion. Newly added: Popular Relics for your artifact weapon.

Data Last Updated: 19 Feb 2017

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Legs6 star Storm-Battered Legplates850
Legs5 star Skoldiir Legguards840
Legs5 star Tyelca, Ferren Marcus's Stature895
Legs5 star Wracksoul Legplates825
Legs4 star Legplates of the Silver Hand830
Legs3 star Greystone Legplates810
Legs3 star Arcane Defender's Pants850
Legs3 star Rock Solid Legplates810
Legs3 star Valor-Bound Legplates800
Legs3 star Nightsfall Legguards830
Legs2 star Ley-Scarred Greaves810
Legs2 star Keelhauler Legplates840
Legs2 star Tassets of Perpetual Despair860
Legs2 star Chrono-Tempered Legplates870
Legs2 star Demonsteel Greaves of the Harmonious815
Legs2 star Wardbreaker Legplates835
Legs2 star Rockbound Legguards850
Legs2 star Rook Footman's Legplates845
Legs2 star Legplates of the Highlord895
Legs2 star Greaves of the God-King840
Legs2 star Legguards of Illusory Burdens850
Legs1 star Tassets of Ravenous Euphoria840
Legs1 star Greaves of Ruinous Dominion820
Legs1 star Pufferfish Demolition Greaves803
Legs1 star Felsworn Legplates840
Legs1 star Goldrune Legplates875
Legs1 star Portalguard Legplates845
Legs1 star Legplates of the Swarm840
Legs1 star Avalanche Resistant Legplates860
Legs1 star Dreadsworn Legplates779
Legs1 star Coralplate Legguards835
Legs1 star Thunderpeak Legplates785
Legs1 star Mook Battlepants820
Legs1 star Kul'Tiras Marine's Greaves779
Legs1 star Rooksguard Legguards775
Legs1 star Thunderpeak Legguards785
Legs1 star Legplates of Forgotten Myth850
Legs1 star Fearless Gladiator's Scaled Legguards of the Feverflare855
Legs1 star Kal'delar Legplates of the Aurora830
Legs1 star Vindictive Combatant's Scaled Legguards of the Aurora805