Updated For 7.3.5 Legion

All data is current for Legion. Newly added: Popular Relics for your artifact weapon.

Data Last Updated: 16 Jan 2018

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Hands6 star Biornskin Gloves825
Hands5 star Bonespeaker Gloves805
Hands4 star Stormheart Gloves915
Hands4 star Arinor Keeper's Grips of the Quickblade895
Hands4 star Brinewashed Leather Grips850
Hands4 star Radiant Lightbringer Gauntlets900
Hands3 star Praetorium Guard's Gauntlets of the Quickblade880
Hands3 star Nightsfall Gauntlets825
Hands3 star Skoldiir Gauntlets815
Hands3 star Azurelight Sage's Mitts of the Feverflare880
Hands3 star Gloves of the Arcane Tempest905
Hands3 star Gloves of Barbarous Feats930
Hands3 star Wildstalker Gauntlets900
Hands3 star Gloves of Synchronus Elements875
Hands3 star Fel-Treated Gauntlets of the Feverflare850
Hands3 star Ashen Worldscorcher Gloves880
Hands3 star Dreamsculptor's Gloves850
Hands3 star Felbat Leather Gloves850
Hands3 star Arcane Defender's Gauntlets835
Hands3 star Gloves of Blind Absolution910
Hands3 star Gravelworn Handguards805
Hands3 star Handwraps of Delusional Power850
Hands3 star Temporally Displaced Gloves870
Hands3 star Diabolic Gloves915
Hands3 star Rigid Meteorguard Gauntlets900
Hands3 star Demonbane Gauntlets900
Hands3 star Oronaar Disciple's Gloves of the Fireflash900
Hands3 star Gauntlets of Dreadful Tenacity880
Hands3 star Titanic Onslaught Handguards900
Hands3 star Guileful Intruder Handguards840
Hands2 star Gloves of the Astral Warden880
Hands2 star Gravewarden Handguards905
Hands2 star Eagletalon Gauntlets875
Hands2 star Earthguard Grips800
Hands2 star Greystone Gauntlets840
Hands2 star Scorpid Handler's Gloves885
Hands2 star Storm-Tempered Gauntlets of the Harmonious850
Hands2 star Tideskorn Gauntlets820
Hands2 star Bridgebreaker Gauntlets875
Hands2 star Rivermane Gloves810