Updated For 7.0.3 Legion

Welcome to Legion!

Popular class talent trees, and Demon Hunter data for the Pre Patch are now available. Data on this site has been frozen with WoD 6.2.3. Artifact Weapon Talent Trees, Gear and Gems will be updated for Level 110 shortly after Legion is released.

Data Last Updated: 28 Aug 2016

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Finger6 star Timeless Solium Band of Brutality680
Finger5 star Solium Band of Might640
Finger4 star Thorasus, the Stone Heart of Draenor735
Finger4 star Spellbound Solium Band of Sorcerous Strength690
Finger3 star Spellbound Runic Band of Elemental Power710
Finger3 star Glowing Taladite Ring of the Quickblade640
Finger3 star Grunt's Solid Signet655
Finger2 star Grunt's Rusty Ring640
Finger2 star Arduous Band of the Savage675
Finger2 star Seal of the Savage Howl701
Finger2 star Arduous Circle of the Feverflare675
Finger2 star Earthfury Band655
Finger2 star Seal of the Rising Tides630
Finger2 star Talon Guard Bloodsworn Ring592
Finger2 star Phosphorescent Seal701
Finger2 star Bloodied Ring of Mytosis615
Finger1 star Band of Iron Scale636
Finger1 star Knucklebone of Lo'Dronar630
Finger1 star Mark of the Destructor685
Finger1 star Loop of Beckoned Shadows715
Finger1 star Skettis Deceiver's Ring590
Finger1 star Signet of Stormwind700
Finger1 star Congealed Globule Loop710
Finger1 star Disease-Binder Seal636
Finger1 star Ring of Ripped Flesh630
Finger1 star Luminous Relic Ring650
Finger1 star Band of Enthralling Delusion695
Finger1 star Trophy Loop of the Highmaul605
Finger1 star Sunsoul Ring of Might640
Finger1 star Seal of the Auchenai Guardian570
Finger1 star Mark of Orgrimmar700
Finger1 star Solium Band of Endurance640
Finger1 star Bloodshed Band675
Finger1 star Trophy Ring of Gordal605
Finger1 star Sunsoul Band of Might640
Finger1 star Trophy Signet of the Sabermaw615
Finger1 star Ransacker's Ring of Plunder665
Finger1 star Band of the Petrified Pumpkin600
Finger1 star Researcher's Ring588
Finger1 star Warmongering Combatant's Signet of Cruelty680