Updated For 7.3 Legion

All data is current for Legion. Newly added: Popular Relics for your artifact weapon.

Data Last Updated: 20 Sep 2017

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Finger6 star Ferocious Gladiator's Ring890
Finger4 star Ferocious Gladiator's Ring900
Finger3 star Sephuz's Secret895
Finger3 star Band of Dark Millennia885
Finger3 star Ferocious Gladiator's Signet880
Finger3 star Cruel Gladiator's Ring865
Finger3 star Lana'thel's Lament895
Finger2 star Cruel Gladiator's Band865
Finger2 star Ferocious Gladiator's Band880
Finger2 star Ferocious Gladiator's Band880
Finger2 star Avenging Band of the Peerless855
Finger2 star Ferocious Gladiator's Signet880
Finger2 star Cruel Gladiator's Band880
Finger2 star Fearless Gladiator's Band860
Finger2 star Cruel Gladiator's Signet895
Finger2 star Soul of the Deathlord940
Finger2 star Coral Band of the Abyss900
Finger2 star Cruel Gladiator's Signet865
Finger2 star Fearless Gladiator's Band855
Finger1 star Dreamwalker' s Band825
Finger1 star Cruel Gladiator's Ring865
Finger1 star Fearless Gladiator's Signet870
Finger1 star Fearless Gladiator's Signet855
Finger1 star Malefic Inquisitor's Ring860
Finger1 star Fearless Combatant's Band875
Finger1 star Fearless Combatant's Signet815
Finger1 star Fearless Gladiator's Ring855
Finger1 star Cruel Combatant's Ring855
Finger1 star Ferocious Combatant's Band860
Finger1 star Fearless Gladiator's Ring870
Finger1 star Seal of Necrofantasia895
Finger1 star Glinting Quartz Ring810
Finger1 star Ferocious Combatant's Signet845
Finger1 star Nazjatar Manapearl Ring845
Finger1 star Rough-Hammered Silver Ring825
Finger1 star Spellblade's Gemmed Signet875
Finger1 star Ring of Deep Sea Pearls860
Finger1 star Uvanimor, the Unbeautiful895
Finger1 star Ring of the Scoured Clan880
Finger1 star Nightborne Signet Ring830