Updated For 7.3 Legion

All data is current for Legion. Newly added: Popular Relics for your artifact weapon.

Data Last Updated: 19 Nov 2017

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Chest6 star Diabolic Robe930
Chest5 star Shaladrassil Vestments800
Chest5 star Night Dreamer Robe810
Chest5 star Finery of Azj'Aqir875
Chest4 star Dreamscale Inlaid Vestments875
Chest4 star Robes of the Black Harvest830
Chest4 star Doomsayer's Ritualistic Vestment880
Chest3 star The Master Harvester940
Chest3 star Azurelight Sage's Robes of the Aurora915
Chest3 star Bonespeaker Robes805
Chest3 star Ley-Touched Robes of the Fireflash855
Chest3 star Sunfrost Robes815
Chest3 star Robes of Fluctuating Energy870
Chest2 star Arcane Singed Robe810
Chest2 star Robe of Aqueous Command900
Chest2 star Manawracker Vestments830
Chest2 star Seawitch Robes840
Chest2 star Imbued Silkweave Robe of the Feverflare850
Chest2 star Tunic of Smoldering Ire840
Chest2 star Ravencourt Formal Robes805
Chest2 star Soul-Stitched Robes805
Chest2 star Flameheart Vestment825
Chest2 star Arcanist's Resonant Robes840
Chest2 star Robe of Fever Dreams860
Chest2 star Robes of Demonic Purpose930
Chest2 star Robes of Celestial Adornment875
Chest1 star Terrorweave Robe840
Chest1 star Soul Queen's Ceremonial Robes900
Chest1 star Fluxflow Robes845
Chest1 star Vileweave Robes885
Chest1 star Buried Exile's Gown825
Chest1 star Maddening Robe of Secrets850
Chest1 star Roggthread Robe815
Chest1 star Ferocious Gladiator's Felweave Raiment of the Quickblade880
Chest1 star Vault-Minder's Robes845
Chest1 star Robes of Wicked Modesty855
Chest1 star Netherwhisper Robes850
Chest1 star Fetid Gutcover Apron825
Chest1 star Nathrezim Acolyte's Robes905
Chest1 star Riven Priesthood Robes895