Updated For 7.1.5 Legion

All data is current for Legion. Newly added: Popular Relics for your artifact weapon.

Data Last Updated: 26 Feb 2017

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Bracer6 star Farseer's Wristwraps810
Bracer4 star Al'Akir's Acrimony895
Bracer4 star Vilescale Bracers805
Bracer3 star Manacles of the Nightmare Colossus850
Bracer3 star Afterlife Manacles840
Bracer3 star Thistle-Proof Thorngrabbers875
Bracer3 star Stinger Resistant Bracers870
Bracer2 star Crestrider Conduit Bracers845
Bracer2 star Bitestone Wristwrap845
Bracer2 star Ley Dragoon's Wristbraces830
Bracer2 star Mardum Chain Wristclamp840
Bracer2 star Bite-Resistant Wristclamps870
Bracer2 star Tideskorn Bracers820
Bracer2 star Skyhorn Bindings825
Bracer2 star Manaburst Bracers805
Bracer2 star Runebands of the Worthy820
Bracer2 star Assorted Dragonscale Bracers865
Bracer2 star Bramblemail Bindings840
Bracer1 star Remorseless Chain Armbands840
Bracer1 star Gravenscale Armbands of the Feverflare850
Bracer1 star Bracers of Twisted Revelation840
Bracer1 star Solid Gold Bracelets845
Bracer1 star Nobundo's Redemption895
Bracer1 star Blighted Grasp Bracers820
Bracer1 star Cuffs of the Nerubian Empire840
Bracer1 star Akainu's Absolute Justice895
Bracer1 star Fearless Gladiator's Ringmail Armband of the Peerless875
Bracer1 star Isle Watcher's Bracers825
Bracer1 star Dusky Bands of Unification880
Bracer1 star Sweat-Swollen Bracers793
Bracer1 star Fearless Gladiator's Ringmail Armband of the Harmonious855
Bracer1 star Confiscated Manacles865
Bracer1 star Bracers of the Fallen793
Bracer1 star Armguards of Burning Passion870
Bracer1 star Sea Stalker's Bracers850
Bracer1 star Thornbrace Wristguards793
Bracer1 star Vindictive Gladiator's Ringmail Armband of the Fireflash845
Bracer1 star Thondrax's Night-Runed Bands785
Bracer1 star Seaspray Bracers783
Bracer1 star Fearless Combatant's Ringmail Armband of the Harmonious840