Updated For 7.0.3 Legion

Welcome to Legion!

Popular class talent trees, and Demon Hunter data for the Pre Patch are now available. Data on this site has been frozen with WoD 6.2.3. Artifact Weapon Talent Trees, Gear and Gems will be updated for Level 110 shortly after Legion is released.

Data Last Updated: 28 Aug 2016

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Bracer6 star Wristclasps of Righteous Reckoning705
Bracer4 star Felbane Bracers of the Savage675
Bracer4 star Breach-Scarred Wristplates700
Bracer3 star Crazed Bomber's Bracers of the Savage645
Bracer3 star Bracers of Mirrored Flame655
Bracer3 star Bracers of Cursed Cries640
Bracer3 star Gutcrusher Bracers630
Bracer2 star Bracers of Martial Perfection695
Bracer2 star Verdant Plate Wristguards630
Bracer2 star Goldsteel Bindings630
Bracer2 star Truesteel Armguards of the Fireflash640
Bracer2 star Felforged Vambraces700
Bracer2 star Incarnadine Bracers630
Bracer2 star Rivet-Sealed Bracers630
Bracer2 star Bracers of Visceral Force680
Bracer2 star Gruul's Smallest Shackles650
Bracer2 star Plainsthunder Bracers602
Bracer2 star Wristplate of the Wretched695
Bracer2 star Bracers of Grievous Storms of the Fireflash615
Bracer2 star Fleshmelter Bracers695
Bracer2 star Demonforged Iron Bracers685
Bracer1 star Blug'thol's Bloody Bracers600
Bracer1 star Plainsthunder Wristwraps615
Bracer1 star Hot-Rolled Iron Bracers705
Bracer1 star Bracers of Vaulted Skies of the Peerless630
Bracer1 star Sunsoul Armguards640
Bracer1 star Flashing Bracers of Warmth675
Bracer1 star Cragplate Wristwraps582
Bracer1 star Roughly Soldered Wristclamps675
Bracer1 star Reverberating Bracers650
Bracer1 star Warmongering Combatant's Armplates of Cruelty680
Bracer1 star Warmongering Combatant's Armplates of Cruelty680
Bracer1 star Salt-Scorched Bracers of the Aurora570
Bracer1 star Crystal-Plated Bracers630
Bracer1 star Bracers of Endless Suffering655
Bracer1 star Feather-Embellished Wristclamps675
Bracer1 star Glassy Silver Bracers660
Bracer1 star Sunsoul Vambraces640
Bracer1 star Bracers of the Herald660
Bracer1 star Warmongering Combatant's Armplates of Prowess680