Updated For 7.2.5 Legion

All data is current for Legion. Newly added: Popular Relics for your artifact weapon.

Data Last Updated: 25 Jul 2017

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Bracer6 star Toravon's Whiteout Bindings895
Bracer5 star Deathlord's Bracers810
Bracer5 star Skoldiir Bracers820
Bracer4 star Wristclamps of Mad Dreams850
Bracer4 star Void-Touched Wristplates840
Bracer3 star Duskwatch Plate Bracers875
Bracer3 star Shackles of Bryndaor895
Bracer3 star Portalguard Wristguard840
Bracer3 star The Instructor's Fourth Lesson895
Bracer3 star Jagged Carapace Wristclamps880
Bracer3 star Coralplate Wristguard840
Bracer3 star Eternally Recurring Bracers875
Bracer3 star Storm-Tempered Bracers of the Fireflash875
Bracer3 star Deepfurrow Bracers845
Bracer3 star Dragonbone Wristclamps865
Bracer3 star Thornscar Wristguards845
Bracer3 star Nightsfall Vambraces810
Bracer2 star Ley-Scarred Vambraces845
Bracer2 star Greystone Wristplates820
Bracer2 star Arcane Defender's Wristguards830
Bracer2 star Ettinbone Bracers860
Bracer2 star Bonemeal-Crusted Armplates900
Bracer2 star Demonsteel Armguards of the Quickblade815
Bracer2 star Rockbound Wristguard845
Bracer2 star Wristbands of Magnificent Splendor845
Bracer1 star Detention Wristclamps840
Bracer1 star Wracksoul Bracers850
Bracer1 star Xorothian Vambraces880
Bracer1 star Calcareous Wristclamps880
Bracer1 star Bite-Marked Wristplates865
Bracer1 star Moonshatter Vambraces865
Bracer1 star Wardbreaker Vambraces830
Bracer1 star Vambraces of Fel Crust890
Bracer1 star Ferocious Gladiator's Dreadplate Wristplates of the Harmonious895
Bracer1 star Exo-Mesh Carpalform Armplates Mk. VII850
Bracer1 star Sweat-Swollen Wristplates793
Bracer1 star Inordinately Wonderous Wristguards855
Bracer1 star Vambraces of the Ebon Tide855
Bracer1 star Despair-Bound Armplates825
Bracer1 star Fearless Gladiator's Dreadplate Wristplates of the Harmonious855