Updated For 7.0.3 Legion

Welcome to Legion!

Popular class talent trees, and Demon Hunter data for the Pre Patch are now available. Data on this site has been frozen with WoD 6.2.3. Artifact Weapon Talent Trees, Gear and Gems will be updated for Level 110 shortly after Legion is released.

Data Last Updated: 28 Aug 2016

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Belt6 star Felbane Girdle of the Feverflare695
Belt5 star Felcast Cord of the Harmonious650
Belt5 star Bladefang Belt of the Peerless650
Belt4 star Axeclaw Belt of the Peerless675
Belt3 star Felshroud Belt700
Belt3 star Fleshchewer Greatbelt661
Belt2 star Annihilan's Waistplate715
Belt2 star Truesteel Waistguard of the Savage640
Belt2 star Waistwrap of Banishment705
Belt2 star Belt of Bloody Guts655
Belt2 star Girdle of the Infected Mind661
Belt2 star Demonbuckle Sash of Argus705
Belt2 star Plainsthunder Waistguard622
Belt2 star Seeking Ember Girdle695
Belt2 star Girdle of Unconquered Glory695
Belt2 star Belt of Imminent Lies655
Belt2 star Hexweave Belt of the Feverflare640
Belt2 star Incarnadine Girdle630
Belt2 star Felforged Waistplate700
Belt2 star Ironcrusher's Collar701
Belt2 star Conductor's Multi-Pocket Girdle695
Belt2 star Fel-Infused Cinch700
Belt2 star Girdle of Demonic Wrath701
Belt2 star Uktar's Belt of Chiming Rings695
Belt2 star Sash of Unending Anguish700
Belt2 star Girdle of the Legion General706
Belt2 star Torch-Brazed Waistguard705
Belt2 star Grenadier's Belt695
Belt2 star Windshaper Waistwrap602
Belt2 star Verdant Plate Belt630
Belt2 star Rivet-Sealed Waistplate630
Belt2 star Plainsthunder Girdle595
Belt2 star Stormsteppe Chain Belt602
Belt2 star Goldsteel Belt636
Belt2 star Beastrider Belt602
Belt2 star Frost-Touched Cord636
Belt1 star Gutcrusher Greatbelt630
Belt1 star Wayfaring Belt of the Aurora640
Belt1 star Cursed Demonchain Belt695
Belt1 star Deckhand's Rope Belt695